NeoBroadband is your one and only stop for your every Cable Television System and Broadband Electronic Equipment need. No matter where you are located in the world, we bring solutions right to your door.

Founded in 2013, by leaders of the industry with over 50  years of experience combined; NeoBradband comes to reality thanks to the hard work of its founders, and their constant desire to fulfill the needs of current cable operators through a vanguardist approach to the practical application of their knowledge and expertise in the areas of communications, offering diversified services ranging from the buying and selling of new and used equipment, to consulting and installations. As a distributor and remanufacturer, Neobroadband supplies only the best in equipment that are guaranteed to offer a truly reliable and optimal performance.

Our personnel possess the skill, training and knowledge to accurately convey support solutions. We can provide a complete service, covering all of your needs regardless of the size of your operation.

Our transparency policy on our warehouse inventory is what sets us apart; we house large quantities of new and used equipment and are able to cover all of your immediate demands.

NeoBroadband understands the fast paced evolution of CATV Industries and how it combines with current and emerging technology. We have partnered with the leading brands in today’s market, garnering an unique vision on trends for the benefit of our clients.  Ultimately, that’s what we work for: to keep you ahead of the game.

“NeoBroadband, future in your hands”

To offer the most innovative and creative technological solutions for the current needs, with the purpose of increasing your competitiveness and productivity.
To be leaders in the industry, setting standards in development, application and integration of solutions, therefore becoming the largest and best CATV and TELCOM solutions company by offering the best of products on time and delivering nothing but excellence with our service, always committed to tackling our client’s problematics with transparency and efficiency and becoming their partners in trust.

-Honesty: We believe in honesty as a fundamental rule of every negotiation.

-Teamwork: The commitment of our staff with the company’s objectives is the cornerstone that ensures their achievement.

-Innovation: Providing innovative products and services is our goal to satisfy the changing needs of a market in constant dynamism.

-Commitment: We are committed to the achieving our company’s and client’s goals through our responsibility and loyalty in our relationship with our workmates, clients and suppliers.

Neo Broadband assumes its social commitments with a proactive optimism because we firmly belief in the joys of the betterment of our planet and its purest foundation: The children. We take care of our environment through the implementation of the ideas of recycling and refurbishing thus helping in conserving the Earth. We also support multiple causes around the world helping children grow up healthy and worry free. We believe every child deserves to engage in laughter and recreation, letting their imagination run free.

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